A Decentralized Token Investment-management Community
To Make Innovative Assets more Liquid

Community Structure

AWARE is a decentralized token investment-management community (TIC) aiming to make innovative assets more liquid and to serve blockchain entrepreneurs and investors across the globe.

Committed to becoming the new Berkshire in the era of token investment, AWARE is pioneering revolutionary changes in traditional investment companies. AWARE community consists of three blocks (TIP, TIS, IES) and an Economic System of Community (ESC). With various application scenes, the AWR token can incentivize investors and entrepreneurs to bring resources to the community ecology.

As the first fund product of AWARE community, AWARE Innovation (AWI) focuses on discovering and funding China’s blockchain start-up projects and helps them to integrate into global cryptocurrency capital market.

Innovative features

  • Profession and Credibility AWARE’s Investment Management is based on a credible blockchain network with all data traceable and tamper-resistant on chain; investment transactions are conducted through Smart Contract.
  • Intelligence and High Efficiency AWARE collects fund products by launching AWR and complete the entire business procedure gradually through Smart Contract including fund-raising, investment, withdrawal, reinvestment and repurchase.
  • Openness and Transparency AWARE’s fund products portfolio, transaction procedure and investment performance are completely disclosed to investors. The appreciation of community digital assets is directly reflected by the increased value of AWR.
  • Perfect Liquidity With the highly liquid portfolio of tokens, AWARE’s investment team is able to invest, withdraw and re-invest in a cyclic mode at any time. Investors can buy, hold and withdraw from AWR whenever they like.
  • Inclusive participation Any investors with knowledge of investment risks can offer to buy AWR. Every AWR holder is meanwhile the sharer of the community, the user of community services, the contributor to community ecology and its beneficiary.

New Core Team

Mr. Jacob Sun is Head of Community Development Strategy and Investment. With over ten years’ internet entrepreneurship experience, he has sponsored several Internet enterprises including J&F, Yicah, Rekoo as a founder or co-founder. In the late 2014, he established Initial Capital and managed three terms of Angel Fund. He had invested in over 30 technology enterprises including Shadow creator, ASK, Apin, etc. Before AWARE was established in 2017, with an in-depth focus on the investment in the Internet of Value, he has made investments in dozens of blockchain projects. He left school before receiving his doctor degree in the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University. He received his bachelor’s degree in the Department of Information Management of Peking Universitiy.
Patrick He is Head of Community Investment Management in the secondary market, with many years’ financial transaction experience in Wall Street, former senior actuary of American International Group (AIG), energy trading director of Ashmore Group and senior vice president and hedge director of Berry Petroleum Company. He graduated from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management with a bachelor's degree from the University of Hong Kong and a master's degree from Columbia University.
Maggie Lee, Bachelor of Arts of Peking University, is the Community Operation and Overseas Distribution Service Director who applies herself to the establishment of top overseas distribution service of digital assets in China. She is a senior Internet practitioner, the former Marketing and PR director in Dazhong Dianping, You Xin, He Lijia and the former vice president of Initial Capital. She focuses on operation and investors relationship.
Iking Qu is Head of Community Technology R&D, former CTO of ArtPlay(Beijing) and REKOO, full stack developer with over the years’ experience in developing community and gaming products. He has spent years on the study of blockchain technology and developed small gaming applications based on Etherum.
Jack Chen, Head of Community Product, senior entrepreneur and blockchain Investor, founder of two startups including Flash Refresh, with extensive experience in Internet product design and operation. He holds a master's degree in civil engineering from Tsinghua University.


Mr. Lao Mao is Founder of INBlockchain and a senior blockchain investor.
Yinhai Zhang is Founder of ChainFunder and DAF.
Mr. Ling Tang is the founder of Zhigui Technology and Ink blockchain who is committed in digitalization of global creative industry assets.
Mr. Liang Lu is the founder of Cybermiles, an e-commerce public blockchain, and the former CTO of Lightinthebox.
Mr. Qiheng Wang is the chairman of International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF) and the founder of SmartMesh.
Mr. William Qiu is the adviser of Community Legal Affairs with over ten years’ experience in investment M & A and in the operation of foundations.
Mr. Harry Xiao is the founder & CEO of Dangle network, a senior player in the cryptocurrency circle , and an Angel investor of blockchain.


  • 10-11/2017

    To complete the Angel series and start the initial investment in China’s early blockchain projects

  • 12/2017

    To initiate private sale series, gather global strategic resources and start product research and development

  • 1-2/2018

    To initiate overseas ICO and have token AWR listed on exchanges

  • Q2/2018

    The token-fund service (TFS) system V1.0 will be launched online and the second token-fund product (TFP) will be created

  • Q3-Q4/2018

    The innovative ecological service (IES) system V1.0 will be launched online and the token fund service (TFS) system V2.0 will be launched online

  • 2019

    TIC system will become mature in operation and open platform to third-party investment institutions

Strategic Partners